成都「怡心湖蔚藍湖濱城」榮獲享譽全球的城市設計大獎 / WATG

成都「怡心湖蔚藍湖濱城」榮獲享譽全球的城市設計大獎 / WATG


近日,由WATG擔綱總體規劃的成都怡心湖蔚藍湖濱城項目獲得了2022巴黎設計獎(2022 Paris Design Awards)城市設計類別的金獎,評委表示:「該項目通過精心規劃布局,將生活方式與創新科技融入濱水建築的體驗當中,在自然環境與多種功能之間取得和諧平衡。」

WATG's master plan for Yixin Park, Chengdu, has won the gold award for urban design at the 2022 Paris Design Awards. According to the judges, "The well-designed layout combines lifestyle and innovative technology in a waterfront setting, striking a balance between nature and functionality."


Yixin Park is a new development in Southern Chengdu spanning 280 hectares, built by high-end city operator La Cadiere Group. As part of the local north-south development axis, it is the third "industrial-city-lake" district after Jincheng Lake and Xinglong Lake.



With a man-made lake as its core and connections to the city’s new and old central business districts, Yixin Park intertwines best practice urban design, placemaking and landscape design with high quality developments. Upon completion, it will be a public, vibrant, thriving and cosy waterfront community.


WATG副總裁Marcel Padmos介紹成都怡心湖蔚藍湖濱城項目的總體規劃

Marcel Padmos, Vice President of WATG introduces the master plan of Yixin Park


Separating public and private realms while ensuring continued access and enjoyment for all, WATG’s master plan was guided by six planning pillars – resulting in multiple cultural and commercial nodes and attractions, view corridors, and carefully planned pedestrian and vehicular circulation.


Six Planning Pillars

  1. 人造湖作為海綿城市管理解決方案,並為項目開發帶來價值增益
  2. A man-made lake as a stormwater management solution and added value feature for the development.

  3. 濱水公園,配有可向公眾完全開放的濱水步道
    A lakefront park with 100% publicly accessible waterfront promenades

  4. 綜合綠色和藍色設計策略,確保可持續和有彈性的發展
  5. An integrated green and blue design strategy to ensure a sustainable and resilient development

  6. 一個可延續多年的混合用途開發項目,以促進居住、工作、娛樂和學習
  7. A perennial active mixed-use development to promote stay, work, play, and learn

  8. 場所營造定位於用現代眼光詮釋當地文化和背景
  9. Placemaking based on modern interpretations of local culture and context

  10. 在公共空間和房地產開發之間審慎平衡,提升地塊價值
  11. A land value capture strategy, carefully balancing public realm investment vs real-estate development.


Central to the development, Yixin Park plays an important role both functionally and aesthetically.



Reducing runoff and improving quality through natural filtration, we designed a bioretention system comprising wetlands, swales and rain gardens with native vegetation to enhance the overall landscape and the sense of place, while effectively and sustainably managing stormwater.



Waterfronts with different functions and characters were created, not only animating the promenade but also forming part of the development’s water-sensitive urban design strategy, and promoting educational opportunities about the water cycle and biodiversity.


交通方面,WATG 一向倡導健康環保的生活方式。在怡心湖蔚藍湖濱城的設計上,我們儘可能減少車輛道路,優先考慮行人,規劃了部分無車區。步行、慢跑和騎車人將享有專用和共享的步道,步行距離內設置公交車站和地鐵站,鼓勵市民搭乘公共運輸出行。

WATG advocates a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle in all its designs. For Yixin Park, vehicular roads are minimized as much as possible, prioritizing pedestrians and creating almost car-free areas in certain zones. Dedicated and shared footpaths for those walking, jogging and cycling, as well as a walkable bus station and subway station encourage residents and members of the general public to leave the car at home.



Accommodation, offices, commercial real estate and a cultural and arts centre are proposed in the planning to ensure the rational utilization of the natural environment and to highlight economic and cultural vitality. We are convinced that close physical integration of places for work, living, recreation, entertainment and relaxation is an essential ingredient in creating sustainable, resilient and adaptable communities.